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Ten Reasons to Join IATSE

  1. IATSE is the entertainment Union. With over 140,000 members and a respected international presence with the who’s who of the entertainment industry, IATSE is the Union behind Entertainment.

  2. IATSE Local 891 is a democratic Union with the primary goal of representing and advancing motion picture workers interests collectively. As an IATSE Local 891 member you have a say in your rights at work, the decisions your Union makes, and the industry you work in.

  3. IATSE Local 891 has a long history of improving and defending the rights and working terms of its members. The following conditions are some that have been won by IATSE: Weekend turnaround, meal penalties, travel time payments, medical and dental benefits, and RRSP plans. Employers have never just handed out entitlements.

  4. IATSE Local 891 members working on IATSE signatory productions on average earn 20% to 50% more than by working on non-IATSE Local 891 productions.

  5. IATSE Local 891 workplaces are safer workplaces. One of the main priorities of IATSE Local 891 is to ensure that safety of members at work. IATSE Local 891 provides expert WorksafeBC and Actsafe advice and representation to members. IATSE campaigns on workplace safety and encourages workers to be actively involved in raising safety issues.

  6. IATSE Local 891 actively campaigns to ensure your work rights and conditions are maintained. The production studios and companies have someone to ensure their interests are met; the best way to ensure your interests are protected is to join!

  7. IATSE Local 891 has specialized and advanced training opportunities for all members to participate in.

  8. IATSE Local 891 has a strong health benefits trust plan which ensures that IATSE Local 891 members have access to the MSP, Dental and Extended Health benefits they need to be healthy in this vigorous industry.

  9. IATSE Local 891 is involved in social justice issues including the environment, the Vancouver East Side, Aids, Breast Cancer, Gay and Lesbian rights, and Women's rights.

  10. IATSE Local 891 is represented at the BC Federation of Labour Executive Council and the Canadian Labour Congress. In these venues we work to ensure the rights and representation of all workers in a corporate world which often views workers as disposable capital. We know at IATSE Local 891 that it was IATSE members who built the motion picture industry in BC into an industry which is modelled around the world.


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