You can view IATSE Local 891’s bylaws by downloading the following pdf file.

IATSE Local 891 Bylaws
Updated September 13, 2018

Remuneration Policy & Guidelines for Attending Conferences, Events and Training

Following the governing rules outlined in the IATSE International Constitution and the IATSE 891 Bylaws, member participation in conferences, events, or training sessions is delineated into two distinct categories: Delegate and Non-Delegate status.

Convention Delegates, elected through secret ballot by the membership as mandated in the International Constitution, will continue to receive compensation according to Article 2, Section 1 of the IATSE 891 Bylaws.

However, commencing January 1st, 2024, members attending such activities who do not hold Delegate status and are not tasked with voting on behalf of the union will be classified as Non-Delegates. Non-Delegates will receive an honorarium rate of $160 per day in alignment with the891 Bylaws. To further clarify this distinction and provide guidance, the following table has been crafted to outline the respective policies and guidelines.

View guidelines table here