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DO NOT PRINT THESE APPLICATION FORMS - These forms and associated documents will only be accepted by email. Paper copies will not be accepted or processed. We will NOT accept hand written, scanned, or photographed application forms.

Please see the detailed instructions below for how to fill out the PDF electronically and submit your completed application PDF file and other application attachments to * A PDF resume file is required to be attached to each application.
Applications are currently being accepted for the following departments:

The application forms are fillable PDF files. Please note these important instructions:

Do NOT simply click on the above application links and start typing in your data. This will NOT work.
Windows/Mac desktop instructions:
Smartphone/Tablet Instructions: Apple iPhone/iPad: Android phone/tablet:

* Applicants will receive an automated email reply indicating that the application/documents have been received (check your junk email folder if you did not receive this email).

Required Skills:
To apply, an applicant must have the required skills and experience. Your resume must detail your work experience and qualifications relevant to the department.

Required Documents:
Copies of required documents (such as certificates, tickets, resumes, etc.) must be emailed as attachments along with your completed application. You must follow these attachment rules:

  • Attachment files MUST be in .PDF or .JPG file format only. Files in other formats (.ZIP, etc.) are not accepted.
  • Links to online file repositories (Google Drive, etc.) are not accepted.
  • The total size of your email including attachments must NOT exceed 25 megabytes (MB). If your email with attachments is larger than this size then you must split your application into multiple emails.

If you have applied to the Set Decorating, the Lighting, or the Make-Up Department:
If you have applied to the Set Decorating, the Lighting, or the Make-Up departments then you will need to come into the union office at 1640 Boundary Road, Burnaby BC and write the applicable departmental test. Departmental tests can only be written after you have submitted your application via email to the union office. Applicants may write tests between the hours of 9:00am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary. We recommend that you allow yourself at least one hour to complete the test.

Timeline for the application review process
The timeline for the application review process is contingent on the needs of productions. Only those considered will be contacted.