Permittee Applications

IATSE Local 891 is accepting applications from qualified applicants in all departments. We are seeking experienced and qualified tradespeople, technicians and artists who meet current departmental requirements.
  • We request that all applicants applying for the first time, send their application and supporting documents to
  • Applicants who have already applied may send their new or updated tickets, certificates, work verification letters and resumes or additional information to to add to their application.
  • Members who wish to apply for 2nd Category in another department, may submit their completed applications to
  • Members of other IATSE Locals, may submit their completed Sister Local applications to
For more information on the work of IATSE Local 891 Artists and Technicians, and to learn more about becoming a member, please visit our website

All applicants should also be aware that COVID-19 testing may be required by certain productions, and may be a condition of continued employment.

The application forms are fillable PDF files. Please note these important instructions:

Do NOT simply click on the above application links and start typing in your data. This will NOT work.
Windows/Mac desktop instructions:
Smartphone/Tablet Instructions: Apple iPhone/iPad: Android phone/tablet:

  1. Please read your application completely prior to completing.
  2. Applicants must meet the departmental skill and experience requirements stated on the application to be considered.
  3. Applicants must include a resume with their application detailing work experience and qualifications relevant to the department.
  4. Application Forms are fillable PDF files. You must save your application on your computer or device, prior to sending it as an attachment to
  5. Applications will only be accepted in PDF format emailed to IATSE Local 891 will not accept hand written, scanned, photographed or hard-copy application forms.
  6. Copies of required documents, such as certificates, tickets, resumes etc., must be emailed as attachments along with your completed application.
    1. Attachment files must be in PDF or JPG format only. Files in other formats (ZIP etc) are not accepted.
    2. Links to online file repositories (Google Drive, etc.) are not accepted
    3. The total size of your email including attachments must not exceed 25MB. If your email is larger than 25MB, you will need to divide your application submission into multiple emails.
  7. If you are applying to the Set Decorating Department, the Lighting Department, or to the Make-Up Department, you will be invited to write the required test.
  8. Applicants will receive an automated email reply indicating that their application/documents have been received. Please check your junk-mail folder if you do not receive a response to your submission.
  9. The timeline for application review is contingent on the needs of productions. Only those considered will be contacted.
  10. All applicants should also be aware that COVID-19 testing may be required by certain productions, and may be a condition of continued employment.