Safety Training Through IATSE Local 891

IATSE Local 891 offers safety training in partnership with the BC Federation of Labour Health and Safety Centre. These courses are recognized by WorkSafeBC and participants receive a certificate upon completion.

For upcoming course dates, check the event calendar or event listings.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee Part 1

This one-day, interactive course introduces the core principles of workplace health and safety.

Incident Investigations

After an accident or "near miss" happens at the workplace, an incident investigation must be completed. This course provides the opportunity to develop or improve investigative skills while learning how to assess contributing factors and develop recommendations to avoid similar incidents in the future. This course is an asset for those interested in film industry safety and prevention of injuries. It is recommended for shop stewards and Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOSH) Committee members.

Supervisor OH&S Responsibilities Part 1

Supervisors play a critical role in the workplace because they have the authority to oversee the work of others. As such, supervisors have considerable responsibilities under Occupational Health & Safety Legislation. A supervisor is required to be qualified by knowledge, training and experience in the work they oversee, be familiar with the legislation that applies to their workplace and knowledgeable about actual or potential workplace hazards, so they can in turn advise workers about these hazards.

In this course participants will:

  • Discuss legal requirements and responsibilities (Provincial and Federal).State the supervisor’s role in addressing work refusals and conducting investigations.
  • Identify the supervisor’s role in conducting workplace inspections.
  • Learn the principles of demonstration of “due diligence”.

This program also reviews relevant case law and provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada (Bill C-45) to help participants better identify types of work that are supervisory in nature and their related legal duties, and understand the consequences of non-compliance.

This is a useful course for heads of department or first assistants, or for those members who are interested in moving into such roles.

Check for availability here [login required], email or call 604-664-8940. Please provide the course title, your department, and your name.

Actsafe Safety Training

Actsafe is the not-for-profit association dedicated to workplace health and safety in the entertainment industry in BC. Members who take Actsafe safety courses that are approved by their department can be reimbursed 100% of the course fee.

Examples of safety courses include:

  • Aerial Lift and Forklift certifications
  • Firearms Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

Check the IATSE Local 891 Training Guide 2019 PDF Icon (PDF) to see which courses are approved for reimbursement with Actsafe. It is also important to check the course selection and reimbursement information before taking a course.

Actsafe STAR System

The Actsafe STAR System is a useful tool to record safety training and to track certification/ticket expiry dates. A personal profile page can be printed and attached to a resume. Employers can access training information, and review certifications online. The database can be accessed at

Contact Actsafe at 604-733-4682, or email to register, or to have questions answered.