Anonymous Hotline

To anonymously report non-permitted hires, safety issues, potential grievances, organizing or other comments please:
  • either fill in and submit the form below
  • or phone the Anonymous Hotline at 604-298-3450

Important Notes:
  • Identify yourself only if you want the IATSE 891 office to follow-up with you directly.
  • The fill-in form is sent to the IATSE 891 office via email, and internally forwarded to the stewards' office without any identifying information.
  • Calling the anonymous hotline reaches a dedicated direct number at the IATSE 891 office which does not have caller ID and does not allow the office to determine who has called, including through use of *69.
  • All anonymous calls and emails are retrieved by the stewards office and are typically investigated within 24 hours.

Report a Concern Anonymously Form:

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