Take Care of Retirement with CEIRP

The Canadian Entertainment Industry Retirement Plan (CEIRP) was established as an easy means for industry members who work for lots of different employers for short periods of time to save for retirement. IATSE Local 891 negotiates to ensure that each production that members work for make a contribution towards the members' retirement. Members who aren't sure if they are enrolled in CEIRP can check the enrollment page for more details.

The Plan was originally established in 2004 by IATSE Local 891, and has since become the "National" plan, with:

  • Over 23,300 Canadian entertainment workers enrolled and Plan assets total over $523 million.
  • With various investment options, conservative through aggressive, and most investment management fees of only 0.68% or less, saving for retirement with CEIRP makes financial sense.

Registered Savings Plan (RSP) Basics Explained

CEIRP Consists of Two Types of RSP accounts:

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP): This plan is for mandatory contributions made on members' behalf by the employers/producers of the productions worked on. Members can also voluntarily contribute through additional payroll deductions and lump-sum contributions.
  • Non-Registered Savings Plan for Members (NRSP): Members can voluntarily contribute to this non-registered savings plan through payroll deductions. When the member's RRSP limit has been reached, the employer/producer RRSP contributions can be redirected to this account. Contributions are made with after-tax dollars and investment earnings are taxable.

Enrolled With the RRSP Plan? Check enrollment for more information.

Additional Financial Features

Tax Free Savings Account

CEIRP offers Tax-free Savings Accounts (TFSA) as an additional investment option for unrestricted non-registered contributions.

For more information, download the TFSA information PDF Icon (PDF), or view a presentation here. TFSA enrollment and contribution material is also available on the CEIRP plan website, or contact the RSP Plan Administrator at 604-664-8935.

CEIRP offers plan members on-line banking

CEIRP members can now make lump-sum contributions to their registered accounts (RRSP and TFSA) through the bill payment section of their online banking. Details. PDF Icon(PDF)

iAcquaint Financial Education/Planning Tool

Available to enrolled members of the CEIRP plan, iAcquaint provides information on investing, preparing for retirement, solving a debt problem, and much more. For more information, download the iAcquant information sheet. PDF Icon (PDF), or access the tool at

Checking a CEIRP Account with Great-West Life

To check personal account information, login to Great-West Life (GWL). Please have your grsaccess id / password, as provided by GWL, available. To retrieve forgotten login details, contact GWL at: 1-800-724-3402, quoting Group Plan #62724.

CEIRP Questions Answered

The RRSP Group Plan Administrator can provide an information package, explain how the Plan works and the types of investments available. Please contact us for details.

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CEIRP Quarterly Updates

The Plan is not intended to be a registered pension plan within meaning of the Income Tax Act or any provincial pension standards legislation.