Leaving Active Membership

Honourable Withdrawal

IATSE Local 891 members who are thinking of taking a break from the industry, but who may want to return in the future, should consider honourable withdrawal. In such cases, this is probably the best and most economical option.

Members Who Wish to Apply for Honourable Withdrawal
  • Must be current in quarterly dues
  • Must put the request in writing.

Once honourable withdrawal has been granted, all member benefits will end.

Returning to Active Membership
  • Returning members do not have to pay a reinstatement fee and retain their initiation date and seniority spot.
  • Returning members must pay the cost of stamps to the International, currently $55 per quarter for 2018, to a maximum of eight quarters, and the current quarterly dues to IATSE Local 891.
  • Returning members are able to stand for office with IATSE Local 891 after completion of two years of membership in good standing.
  • Membership paperwork must be re-done and returning members must sign on to the RSP Plan.


Members that resign or are expelled from membership and then decide to return to active membership must:

  • Pay the $700 reinstatement fee.
  • Pay any past money owed to IATSE Local 891, plus the current quarter dues.
  • Pay the cost of stamps to the International from the date of resignation from IATSE Local 891 to the date of reinstatement. Stamps are currently $55 per quarter for 2018.
  • Redo their membership paperwork, and sign on to the RSP Plan.

Please note: members that return to membership after resigning do not retain their previous seniority spot or initiation date, unless they were on medical leave.


  • Members can retire from membership at 65 years or older if they are no longer working in the industry.
  • Retired dues are $4.50 per quarter or $18 per year and have the same due dates as active dues.
  • Members on CPP Disability can retire before 65. Once disability retirement status is approved, there are no further financial obligations to the Local or to the International.
  • Members who wish to retire must be in good standing (not currently suspended).
  • Retired members stay a member of IATSE Local 891 and IATSE International.
  • Members of more than one IATSE local must retire from all locals by applying to each directly.
  • Members who are considering retirement should review the details of the Benefits of Film 60+ Health Benefits Plan.

Retired Members

  • Can attend department and General Meetings, but don't have voting rights and cannot participate in Union referendums.
  • Can no longer hold office in IATSE Local 891.
  • Still have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program.
  • Still receive the Kinetoscope magazine and the weekly eBulletin.
Coming Out of Retirement
  • To reinstate to active status, members need to apply in writing and pay active dues for the quarter in which the status change is made. Active members can return to retired status one more time.
  • Returning retired members retain their original seniority spot and must sign onto the RSP Plan.
  • When reinstated to full membership, annual dues will revert to $320 per year (or $288 with a discount).
  • Once a member has worked 280 hours in a 12-month period, he or she can reapply for the Active Members' Health Benefits Plan.
Gold Card Membership

Members who are over 75, who have been a member for 25 years or longer, and who have been retired for at least one quarter and have paid at least one quarter of retired status dues, can apply for Gold Card status. Gold Card members pay no dues and receive a special membership card.


Members considering retirement and who have an RRSP account in the Canadian Entertainment Industry Retirement Plan (CEIRP) should contact IATSE Local 891 for plan information and options post retirement.