Classification/Upgrade Requests
for IATSE 891 members

Automatic classifications/upgrades will take place for IATSE 891 members with:

  • 90 IATSE days in that classification/upgrade
  • Required certification for that classification/upgrade

Administration will inform members of any new classifications/upgrades added to their profile.

Members who would like to remove a classification/upgrade, or to add one at a later date, can contact to make that request.

For requests outside of the above criteria (i.e. non-IATSE days):

  1. Member to send a request for a new classification/upgrade to
  2. Admin will send the request to the Department by adding it to the agenda for the next department meeting. (Note: Admin can redact all names from the request to support objective/unbiased decision making.)
  3. In the event that the Department has not met for more than three months, the request will be passed on to the E-Board for review.